Discover a game-changing community that will fuel you toward your beyond ordinary life. Our next semester of Thrive Groups will launch February 2, 2020


It’s so much more exciting to live a life beyond ordinary with the people that fuel you toward it. Our heart is to build authentic community so we don’t just survive in life, but thrive. In a Thrive Group, you’ll connect with people in similar stages of life, or with similar interests. We believe this is an essential step in growing in God and maximizing all that God has for us. We invite you to sign up and attend this week!

What are Thrive Groups?

A gathering of a dozen or so people meeting consistently in someone’s home, a coffee shop, a park, or just about any other place possible. We offer Thrive Groups for men, women, co-ed, married couples and teens.

What happens in a Thrive Group?

Each Thrive Group is a little different. Some are more focused, for example, on studying the Bible or building community, while others involve activities and hobbies people can enjoy together. In all groups you will grow, have fun, and build great friendships.

How can I connect with a Thrive Group?

Finding a Thrive Group is simple: search the different groups, find a group you are most interested in, contact the leader and attend.

Is it too late to join a Thrive Group?

It is not too late! We have 3 groups semesters, January – May (Spring) June – August (Summer) and September – November (Fall). Groups change each semester, but you can jump in any group at any point in a semester.