Host group

Please read the following information carefully:

  • We are so excited to have you lead a group! We know community awaits you and all who attend and are celebrating the great relationships that will be built through your group!
  •  We are looking for bible study and activity groups! Whatever you are passionate about, we would love to see others who carry the same passion connect and come around that shared interest.
  •   Groups will launch February 2nd and go until May 2nd
  •  The most a group can meet is once per week and the least is once per month.
  • Our Leadership and Lifestyle Alignment form must be signed after training videos are completed for first time group leaders.
  •  Group hosts are responsible to build and recruit for their groups, as well as use the social media tools provided by Thrive Church each week/month that their group meets.
  • Training videos for FIRST TIME group hosts will be given after application submitted.