Rally Points

Need a ride? Meet us at a Thrive Students Rally Point.

Rally Points

Rally Points are set up to help you make sure you can get to Thrive Students event nights. Thrive Students Rally Drivers (adult volunteers) will meet students needing transportation at the Rally Points. They will safely transport a car of students from the Rally Point to Thrive Students and back at the end of the night.


Every third Wednesday for Thrive Students event nights, starting with the Thrive Students Grand Opening on 11/17. The pick-up and drop-off times depend on the city locations. Find the nearest spot to you below, along with the departure and return times.


  • The Thrive Students Rally Drivers are adult volunteers from Thrive Church who have been background checked (including driving records) and trained.
  • The vehicles will be clearly identified at each Rally Point.
  • Multiple cars will be at each Rally Point to ensure all students have a seat ready for them.
  • Parents/guardians will have a direct contact of a Thrive Students Leader at their student’s Rally Point site in case of emergency. 
  • A completed waiver will be required by parents/guardians prior to their student’s first ride.


Parents/guardians will receive a text message from their Thrive Students Rally Driver when:

  • Your student has checked into the Rally Point
  • Your student has arrived at Thrive Church
  • Your student is departing Thrive Church (with their Thrive Students Rally Driver) and is on their way back to the Rally Point

Parker Rally Points

Wednesdays Departure time: 5:45pm and Return time: Approx. 8:30pm
Railbender Skatepark
10543 Twenty Mile Rd, Parker, CO 80134
Parker Chick-Fil-A

9335 Crown Crest Blvd, Parker, CO 80138

Don’t live close to a Rally Point? More Thrive Students Rally Points will be added as needed. Click here to let us know where you’d like to see one in the future.