Rooted: Deepening the roots to produce unstoppable fruit

January 19 - March 1 | sundays 9 and 11A
Welcome to a historic season at Thrive and more importantly the beginning of something that will mark our city forever. This is the most important moment since launching Thrive 7 years ago.
Jesus said, “When you produce much fruit, you are My true disciples. This brings great glory to My Father.” It’s not just a good idea if we produce much fruit, it is a mandate. When we look around our area and hear the statistics, it would be criminal for us as a church family to sit on the sidelines while our young people, friends, co-workers, and community are in such great spiritual need.
It’s time to get rooted in a church building. As we deepen our roots in Christ and put down permanent roots in our community, Jesus will multiply the fruit. There is a spiritually-strategic opportunity to not just do something good or charitable, but to set in motion souls streaming into Heaven and for the fruit to never stop.
I am asking you to pray and ask God how He would prompt you to play a role. Let’s move out of our comfort zone, so that the opportunity goes beyond us and more people move into the family of God. Let’s deepen the roots and see the unstoppable fruit. 
For a city, 

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