This is Our Miracle Moment

God said yes!

God completely exceeded our expectations in the first year of our three-year Rooted Initiative! What we thought may take 3 years or more, God did in one year. We launched Rooted two weeks before COVID-19 shut everything down. Defying the odds, Thrivers kept giving and believing that God had a preferred future for our church family. As we didn’t know exactly how God would lead us, we kept following Him. Good news, He knows exactly what He’s doing. 10 months into Rooted and we were under contract and on April 12th, 2021 we closed on the property. God had the perfect miracle building waiting.
For all of this to happen, there were three miracles that needed to take place. Click here to read more about those three miracles  needed to purchase the building. In a year of so many no’s, God said yes!
The miracle story

We are standing in the middle of a miracle moment. In 2019, God prompted us to begin the journey towards getting rooted in a permanent facility. In 2020, He accelerated that journey. This is a monumental moment filled with God-sized miracles and we couldn’t be more honored to share it with you.

Closing day Vlog

We closed on our first building! This is the day we watched our wildest dreams come true. 

Welcome to Rooted 2.0

As God has accelerated the timeline we have updated the mission of Rooted with the time remaining leading into its conclusion in March of 2023. The goal of Rooted was to acquire a building. God did it! The goal of Rooted 2.0 is to take full possession of our miracle moment.


#1 Finish our short-term note

This allowed us to purchase the building. The Wesleyan Investment Foundation stood in faith with us because they believe in Thrive Church, and because of our sizable amount in Rooted pledges beyond the amount needed to close on the property. The financial commitment by so many reflected a bold faith. They loaned us an additional $800k beyond our long-term note which allowed us to acquire our building. This loan is a two year note and is expected to be paid off by April of 2023. Once this is paid off it will put us in a very healthy income to debt ratio by having roughly 50% equity. We will also have a low mortgage payment on our long-term note. This is a big deal because it will position us to pour our resources on ministry and life-change. It will be a dream situation as we will be able run toward the future God has for us as a church.    

Progress toward $800k ($800k given)
#2 Finish updating our church home
As we were able to do many projects with our move-in funds, which were set aside, there are some important things that will bring our amazing church home to life even more. Some of the projects include finishing the exterior courtyard, exterior paint, auditorium paint and A/V/L equipment, and a first floor restroom remodel. 
Excellence creates comfort. As God has given us the dream facility, we want to make sure it speaks to the excellence of the God we serve in every way. As we bring the courtyard to life it will create an environment where people love to spend time connecting. We see this as a critical piece of a person plugging in and beginning to thrive with new life in Christ. 


Rooted 2.0 is not a new initiative, rather an update to the Rooted goals. Both Rooted 2.0 goals will be able to be accomplished with current giving projections based on the remaining Rooted pledges and some new people joining Thrive and making new pledges.

Once both goals are achieved in Rooted 2.0 any additional funds will prayerfully be invested in the most strategic way to advance the gospel beyond the goals defined here (approved by the board).

Beyond Rooted

Once Rooted is fulfilled, we will have; purchased a miracle building, have roughly 50% equity within two years of ownership, renovated the building with excellence, and established a home base of ministry for generations to come. We truly feel that we are not running to a finish line, we are running to a starting line. 

We believe the next major investment as a church (beyond Rooted) is reaching the next generation like we have dreamed of. Now that we have a perfect building that will be used by the kids and teenagers, we want to put the necessary resources behind the ministries to reach them and fill our home with life-change. As Jacob and Hannah were youth pastors for 10 years they not only have a passion to reach young people, but they know the staffing and resources needed for the ministries and the events that will see hundreds giving their lives to Christ. Statistically, young people are the most likely group to give their lives to Christ. It is critical that a church’s resources reflect this priority.  

"Let's not just see this opportunity, let's seize it for God's glory."

Growth Potential and Building Details


Amount of people we can fit with two experiences (adults and kids)


Amount of people we can fit with four experiences

$ 0 m

Building cost


Square footage


Seating capacity


Total occupancy

"We are standing in the middle of a miracle moment."

Financial Goal Tracker

Thrive Church, God did it! In 6 weeks we raised $702,000 and we were able to purchase our miracle building. That’s 108% of our initial goal.



$ 0 k


0 %

Of our goal

What can I do to bring about this miracle?


Maybe you’re new to Thrive or haven’t made a pledge towards Rooted. Now is a significant moment to financially invest to bring about generational impact. Begin your journey in this miracle story by filling out a commitment card and participating in the miracle offering on Rooted Miracle Sunday.


God may prompt some of us to increase what was originally pledged to take hold of this opportunity. Rooted has moved from a vision from the Lord, to a tangible building He has opened up as our future home. If there is a capacity to increase we are asking you to consider investing in this spiritual legacy.


This will allow us to retire the $800k short-term loan that was given to us in order to acquire the building. As we are faithful to complete our pledges above our tithes and offerings it will position us with low building expenses and a high focus on ministry expansion. This is the complete dream situation for our church.


To accomplish Rooted 2.0 you may be led by the Lord to give assets. By donating long-term, appreciated assets such as stocks, real estate, and business interests before the sale, you can reduce taxes and give more to Thrive. You can give these assets through our Giving Fund with National Christian Foundation. If you’re interested email info@thrivechurch to initiate the process. Giving in this way, you would receive an income tax deduction.