This is Our Miracle Moment

Dear Friends,

Welcome to a historic season at Thrive and, more importantly, the beginning of something that will mark our city forever. This is the most important moment since launching Thrive almost eight years ago.

As many of you know, on March 1st of 2020, we launched Rooted, which was a three year initiative to move us from a portable church to a permanent church. As we challenged the church to partner with us, you rose to the occasion with faith, strength and trust in God—pledging over $2.2 million in funds over the next three years. It was beyond what we imagined. 

And here’s what blows my mind, in the midst of a pandemic God did one of the most over-the-top miracles Thrive has ever seen. What  we thought was going to three years or more  is available right now.  A building has found us.  God stepped in and accelerated our timeline. It is His desire to make a greater impact right now.

I am here to tell you that we are under contract for a building and we will close in April of 2021. The opportunity to deepen our roots to produce unstoppable fruit is now. Let’s not just see this opportunity, let’s seize it for God’s glory.  I am asking you to pray and ask God how He would prompt you to play a role. Let’s join together and all do our part to finish this supernatural planting of the Lord. 

The miracle story

We are standing in the middle of a miracle moment. In 2019, God prompted us to begin the journey towards getting rooted in a permanent facility. In 2020, He accelerated that journey. This is a monumental moment filled with God-sized miracles and we couldn’t be more honored to share it with you.

Learn about the project

Curious about the location, timeline and pricing? We have a resource for you! Experience our new building and learn about all the details of this miracle project.

"Let's not just see this opportunity, let's seize it for God's glory."

Growth Potential and Building Details


Amount of people we could fit with two experiences (adults and kids), double the size of our current church.


Amount of people we could fit with four experiences. This would be four times the size of our current church.

$ 0 m

Building cost


Square footage


Seating capacity


Total occupancy

What will it take to purchase?

$650k by February 28

Raise the remaining $650k dollars needed to bring to close by February 28th. The closing is scheduled for April, but we need to give notification that we are ready to close around 30 days out. A stretch dream goal would be $800k which would include an additional $150k for move-in expenses (i.e. furnish kids ministry rooms, foyer, signage, and remaining production equipment needs).

$2.2m total dollars raised at the conclusion of Rooted

This is the exact amount that was pledged towards the Rooted initiative. This amount is important for us to raise because within this amount we will have the down payment needed, increase operational reserves that WIF requires, expenses to furnish the building, and retire a short-term loan of $800k at the conclusion of Rooted in April 2023.

Financial Goal Tracker

Our miracle journey to $650k
Updated March 30, 2021
Amount we have received
$702k (108%)

What can I do to bring about this miracle?


You may be able to give a large portion or possibly complete your Rooted commitment on or before February 28th, which will be our Rooted Miracle Sunday. We are asking you to bring the biggest surge that God would lead you to bring to close on this facility, because of this miracle opportunity.


Maybe you’re new to Thrive or haven’t made a pledge towards Rooted. Now is a significant moment to financially invest to bring about generational impact. Begin your journey in this miracle story by filling out a commitment card and participating in the miracle offering on Rooted Miracle Sunday.


God may prompt some of us to increase what was originally pledged to take hold of this opportunity. Rooted has moved from a vision from the Lord, to a tangible building He has opened up as our future home. If there is a capacity to increase we are asking you to consider investing in this spiritual legacy.


This will allow us to retire the $800k short-term loan that was given to us because of the remaining two years of our initiative. As we are faithful to complete our pledges above our tithes and offerings it will position us with low building expenses and a high focus on ministry expansion. This is the complete dream situation for our church.


To accomplish the third miracle you may be led by the Lord to give assets. By donating long-term, appreciated assets such as stocks, real estate, and business interests before the sale, you can reduce taxes and give more to Thrive. You can give these assets through our Giving Fund with National Christian Foundation. Simply choose Thrive Church as the recipient and receive an income tax deduction


We will be meeting in-person as a church on February 28th for our Rooted Miracle Sunday. This will be our one year anniversary from the kickoff of Rooted where we will worship, celebrate, and bring our best fi nancial gift. We are asking you to ask God how He would lead you to play a part in our $650k requirement to close.