It's more than a job.
It's a calling.

Thrive Youth Pastor

About Thrive Church

Thrive is a young church with a bold vision. Thrive launched in 2013 with just over 200 people on opening Sunday with the purpose to see people thrive with new life in Christ. We are here to build a movement, not a social club. We believe in pursuing a beyond ordinary life and won’t settle for anything less. We are not casually walking to those far from God, we are running to them. Now over six years later with over 500 in attendance on a Sunday, we are bursting with vision more than ever.

Thrive’s YP Opportunity

Thrive is positioning itself for a permanent location. This is huge for our student ministry, because we see our main auditorium being the meeting place for Thrive Students. This means that our teens don’t get our leftovers, they get our best. With our lead pastors being former youth pastors for 10 years, there is full support of the ministry to see Thrive Students win as many teens to Christ as possible. We believe as a youth pastor, your voice is significant and therefore valued on this team. If you are burning with a desire to lead the next generation of teens to Christ, keep reading.
The basics
  • Knowledgeable in student ministries with at least two years of ministry experience
  • Experienced in developing and motivating adults and students to become leaders
  • A team player and team builder who focuses on the good of the entire organization
  • Willing to take on responsibility outside of Thrive Students
The works
  • Building a relational youth ministry team
  • Recruiting, training, and leading adult volunteers and student leaders
  • Overseeing monthly student worship experiences that are engaging, high energy and focused on reaching the lost
  • Being a team player who collaborates with all ministries during weekend experiences
  • Be a model for those who attend Thrive Church by being an example of personal integrity
It would rock if you
  • Could create a movement and not a social club
  • Build an irresistible youth ministry where teenagers are happy to ditch the best parties and come to church instead
  • Reach new students and families in the community, and lead with a smile through it all
  • Have a proven track record in growing a team of people and inspiring them to action to achieve a common goal
  • Have a calm face that masks a brain working at warp speeds
  • Medical coverage provided
  • Flexible vacation
  • Fitness reimbursement
  • Development dollars
  • New tech
  • Getting paid to impact people