Church online | Sunday 9a 11a 6p

Online Only for the Next Two Sundays

November 15th & 22nd | experience times 8:30a & 10:00a

Here is an update from Pastor Jacob to you. We are going to be meeting online only for the next two Sundays and can’t wait for Church Online with you!

Gathering Back

This sunday | experience times 8:30a & 10:00a

We can’t wait to see you indoors this Sunday at the PACE center. We are so thrilled to be gathering in-person, in a building! Adults will be in the main theater and we have a great space for Thrive Kids. And we are coming back with new experience times at 8:30a and 10a. 

Who is excited that we are part of a church that is brimming with vision and won’t settle for anything less than your God intended destiny?! Get ready, because we believe God wants to do something profound these next few months at Thrive. Invite your friends and family. It’s time to follow the direction God has for our lives and do it in a way that we are strengthened as a community.

Church Online

this Sunday | 8:30A & 10:00A
When you don’t know what to do, you can know who to follow. 
No matter how lost you may feel, with God as your true north He will always guide you out. 

Thank you so much for the great message this morning. I may have been physically sitting by myself this morning, however, it felt like my whole church family was surrounding me. Praise God!

- Thriver

Stay connected

Thrive GroupS

Social distancing, yes. Social isolation, no! There are many groups for you to choose from filled with people who can encourage you right where you’re at. 

Thrive Kids at Home

Thrive Kids will be providing downloadable resources and activities on Sunday for the whole family to experience church together.


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