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We believe church should be the best part of your week! It can be a place where you live for more, find lasting community, and ultimately a place where you can thrive.

Church Online

We welcome you to join us online this Sunday at 8:30a and 10a.


Welcome to a historic season at Thrive and, more importantly, the beginning of something that will mark our city forever. This is the most important moment since launching Thrive almost eight years ago.


Groups help you find community and build the kind of friendships we all need to live out our faith. 

Church In-Person: Rooted Miracle Sunday

February 28th | 8:30a & 10A
Thrive Church, this is a defining moment for us a church family. We are in the midst of a miracle year as we acquire our permanent building. Let’s slow down and take time to prepare for this Sunday as we come together and bring our Rooted Miracle gift. This is our opportunity to dream big, so let’s be faithful and dream even bigger!

Thank you so much for the great message this morning. I may have been physically sitting by myself this morning, however, it felt like my whole church family was surrounding me. Praise God!

- Thriver


21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

Join us for these 21 days as we pray and ask God for His will in our lives. Here are some tools to help give you a deeper understanding of the spiritual power of fasting, God’s plan for fasting, and the benefits it offers as a result. This is our opportunity to lean into God and dream bigger than we have ever dreamed before!

We have created these devotionals to provide some inspiration, guidance, and encouragement to you in this season and help propel you forward in faith.

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